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Moving your Router for Maximum Streaming Speed

Feb 13, 2017 2 weeks ago No Comments
Coax Connection Router

We get lots of phone calls each and every day. Sometimes we get calls that are more about home networks, Routers and Modems, then our Skystream units. Many of these customers are experiencing slow Wi-Fi speeds on not only their Skystream units, but most of the devices in their house. Our first question is where is your router / modem located and how far is it from your Skystream Android TV box? The answers that we get range from, “Wherever the cable guy installed it, it’s in the basement, it’s upstairs, or it’s on the other side of the house.”

What most people do not realize is that in most cases you can move your router anywhere in your house that has a coax connection (Screw on Connection.) In the majority of houses the internet or cable signal that is provided to your house from the cable company comes in one main spot and it then is split to all of the other rooms via coax cables.

What this means is that you can simply unplug your router, Unscrew the coax connection, move the router to a more centralized part of the house and connect it to that rooms coax connection. In most cases once the coax connection is connected and the router has been plugged in, the router will cycle and then connect to the internet. Voila, you now have your Wi-Fi signal in a more centralized location and will have a more solid connection on your devices.

As all houses are different in design and layout we cannot tell anyone exactly where the best place to keep your router. But in general terms the ideal spot for a router is in a centralized part of the house. For many houses this will be in a living room or family room. Another way you can help figure out where the best spot would be, is to ask where you use your Wi-Fi connected devices the most. In most cases this will be the living room where your TV is, which is very convenient if you are using one of our Skystream Android TV Boxes.

Another great perk to placing your router in the room where you watch TV is that you can now hopefully run an Ethernet cable directly from your router to your Skystream Streaming Media Player and get the most stable and fast internet connection possible.

When the cable guy came to your house to install your Router / Modem, you were probably one of 25 work orders he had for the day. So when he was installing your equipment, he most likely installed it near the first Coax connection outlet he saw. He was most likely not thinking to himself, “Hmmm, where would be the best place to put this router in order to give Bob and Jane the best signal in the whole house.”

So if you have a router / modem in a basement, closet, upstairs or at one corner of your house. Unplug it, reconnect it in a centralized part of the house or family room and see if it connects to the internet. If it does you are in business. If not, try the next closest coax outlet and see if that one is giving an internet signal.

If you would like to learn how to save money each month by buying your own router instead of renting it from the cable company please click on our article on Buying your own router.

If you would like to learn about how Network Power Line Adapters can transmit a hardwired internet connection without moving your router please click on the article about Network Power Line Adapters.

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How to Stream Super Bowl 51 2017 using the Fox Sports Go App

Feb 3, 2017 3 weeks ago No Comments
Super Bowl 51

If you are like most people, you will be wanting to watch Super Bowl 51 this Sunday. There are a few ways that you can do this without a cable subscription and we wanted to show you some ways to stream the Super Bowl this year.

HD Antenna

If you have one of our Amplified HD Antennas installed you can simply turn the channel to your local Fox station. This is by far the easiest way that you can watch Super Bowl 51 for free in HD. If you do not have one of our Local HD Antennas you can click the link below to order one.

Amplified Local HD Antenna

Fox Sports Go App

Last year Super Bowl 50 was shown by CBS. They opened up their app so that everyone could stream the Super Bowl for free. CBS did encounter some server errors in the beginning of the game that led to most people not being able to view it and experience buffering. This was quickly fixed and was one of the largest streamed events of all time. This year Fox will be airing Super Bowl 51 and have chosen to do the same thing with their Fox Sports Go app (Please note that the Fox Sports Go app normally requires that you use your cable provider login to view any streams on the app and that they are only opening up the app to everyone for the Super Bowl). We hope that FOX has learned from the few small hiccups that CBS had and have prepared their servers to get slammed with traffic during the SuperBowl.

So here is a quick tutorial on how to install the Fox Sports Go app.

This will ONLY work using Wi-Fi, Please switch to Wi-Fi if you are on Ethernet or this will not work!!!

Click on the Google Play Store App. If you have not already signed into Google Play you will need to login using your Gmail account information. If you do not have a Gmail account or Google Account you will be brought to a screen where you can create one.

Stream Super Bowl 51


Type “Fox Sports Go” into the search bar at the top of the Google Play Store. Click on the Fox Sports Go icon or click search and then click on the app.

Stream Super Bowl 51


Click on Install and then click on Accept when you see a pop up appear.

Stream Super Bowl 51

Stream Super Bowl 51


Once the App is done installing, click on Open.

Stream Super Bowl 51


You will now see a pop up telling you that location services need to be turned on. Click on Location Settings.

Stream Super Bowl 51


Make sure that Location is selected (Not Settings) and click on Just Once.

Stream Super Bowl 51


Use your Airmouse to click on the On / Off slider at the top right of the screen. Or use the standard remote and click down and up to highlight the On / Off slider and click the OK button.

Stream Super Bowl 51


Once Location is turned on, click on Mode.

Stream Super Bowl 51


Select Battery Saving.

Stream Super Bowl 51


Press the back button on your remote until you get back to the Fox Sports Go app. It may say warming up for a minute or two while it loads. Please be patient as the app loads. If it does not open in 5 minutes, back out of the app, unplug your unit, plug it back in and then open up the Fox Sports App (It will be located in the My Apps section of the home screen.) If this still does not work follow these steps. From the units home screen click on settings, click on apps, scroll over to the Fox Sports Go app and click on it. Click on Clear Data. Then click on force stop. Press the home button on your remote and then open the app again.

This is a very finicky app, as the 3.3 rating on the Google Play store suggests. But once you get it to fully load it seems to stream well. Please keep in mind that this app has probably never seen as much traffic as it will on Sunday. So some buffering may occur.

Stream Super Bowl 51


We highly suggest doing this well in advance of Super Bowl 51. Lots of other people will be doing the same thing right as the game is starting and Google’s and Fox’s server may get bogged down.

Where else can I stream Super Bowl 51?

Just like all other sporting events, the Super Bowl will be streamed in all of the normal sports addons and in Mobdro. But as you can guess there are going to be lots of people all trying to watch a stream from the same server. So we do expect there to be buffering on many of these addons and programs. This is why we wanted to let you know about the Fox Sports Go app and the best option an HD Antenna.

We hope this is helpful and as always, Stream On!!!


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Stream Netflix in UHD on Your SkyStream Box

Jan 11, 2017 2 months ago No Comments

We have placed a new version of the Netflix App in the Skystream TV Updater. This new version is able to play videos in Ultra HD if you have the Ultra HD Subscription. It will also be able to play in HD if you have the normal Netflix subscription.

You MUST have a subscription to Netflix for this to work. This is not a hacked version of Netflix. Just a slightly modified version that improves the video playback quality.

Important!!! You must uninstall the version of Netflix that is installed on your Skystream unit prior to installing the new version from the Skystream Updater App.

X4 & X5 Uninstall Instructions – From the Home Screen of the device click on Settings, Other, More Settings, Apps, Click on Netflix, Uninstall. Press the home button on your remote. Open the Skystream Updater App, Install Netflix and Sign in.

ONE Uninstall Instructions – From the Home Screen of the device click on Settings, Apps, Scroll to the right until you see Netflix, Click on Netflix, Uninstall. Press the home button on your remote. Open the Skystream Updater App, Install Netflix and Sign in.

Stream On

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Kodi Krypton 17 – What you need to know

Jan 5, 2017 2 months ago No Comments

Kodi Krypton 17  

kodi krypton 17

As some of you know Kodi has released a Release candidate of version 17, which is called Krypton. Before you start thinking to yourself “Oh my Gosh, New Kodi, Must Have!” let’s go over a few things.

What is a Kodi Release Candidate?

First off, this version of Kodi Krypton 17 is what is call a Release Candidate. A Release Candidate is a version that developers put out for people to test. It is one step above a Beta version and two steps above an Alpha version. This is by no means the final version. There are still bugs and still things that need to be worked out.

What is different in Kodi Krypton 17?

The developers at Kodi have taken great measure to make using third party addons that they do not approve of extremely difficult for the average user to install. This was in our opinion an attempt to get rid of people who sell devices with Kodi on them. This new version of Kodi will make it much more difficult for amateur sellers.

What’s up with that Skin?

kodi 17 krypton skin

Kodi has decided to develop and use a completely new skin called Estuary. We have played around with this skin and find it to be one of the worst skins that we have ever tested. Not only is it confusing, extremely limited in customization, but you cannot add addon shortcuts to the home screen.

Will Kodi Krypton 17 work on my box?

The developers at Kodi in an effort to further fragment Kodi and make it more difficult for users have made this version only work with Android 5.0 or higher. So if you have an X2, X4 or X5 Kodi 17 will not work on your unit. If you have a Skystream ONE, Kodi 17 Krypton will work on your Android TV Box.

Why doesn’t Skystream update the X2, X4 & X5 to Android 5.0?

The chip manufacturer (AMLogic) that we have used from the start did not make a firmware for Android 5.0 for the S802 (X4) or S812 (X5.) Without the chip manufacture creating a stable base firmware for us to modify, we have no way to provide our users with a stable functional firmware. As much as we would like to be able to update our older units to a newer version, we are simply unable to do it without the source code and a base firmware designed specifically for the chipsets. The good news is that Kodi 16.1 is the most stable version that Kodi has ever created and will continue to work wonderfully for years to come.

So can I download Kodi Krypton 17 and use it?

Yes, but mainly no. You will be able to download it and install it on your Skystream ONE Android TV Box. However the Skystream Updater is not yet compatible and will not work. Please do not do this as you will have to delete Kodi 17, reinstall Kodi 16.1 and then run the updater. There is no reason to waste your time doing this.

When will Skystream release Kodi Krypton 17?

We are currently testing Kodi 17 and working through some of the Roadblocks that Kodi threw at us. This latest version is only a release candidate, so we will not release this version of Kodi to our awesome customers. We have always waited for the final version before releasing any new version of Kodi to our customers. We do not feel that rushing out something in order to try and gain new customers is a good business model. We feel that providing our customers with the most stable and user friendly version of Kodi is the best business model.

What new features are there in Kodi Krypton 17?

To be honest most of the 99% of the new features in Kodi are designed for people who watch videos and listen to music from a network drive. As Kodi feels this is why the program exists, that is what they focus on when developing new versions of Kodi. As it has been since Frodo (Kodi 12) Pepperidge Farm remembers :) Kodi will function almost exactly the same. The addons work the same, they pull video streams from the same sources. Kodi 17 will not make your box a superbox, it will not help with dead links, it will not make overloaded servers magically able to give you more data. Overall what we are saying is that Kodi 17 is a newer version of Kodi. That’s about it. But we know that our customers want it so we are going to spend a lot of man hours getting it ready for release and will release it only when we feel it is as stable as 16.1. Our customer’s user experience is our number one priority and we will not sacrifice that stability just to say we are running the latest version of Kodi.

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SkystreamTV Updater New Features

Dec 23, 2016 2 months ago No Comments

As most of you already know, we released the SkystreamTV Updater application earlier this year. The SkystreamTV Updater has been a huge success and has helped keep all of our customers up to date with Kodi. Recently we added a changelog to the updater so that our users would know what was actually going to be updated in the latest version. This step was a huge help in that users could make a decision as to whether or not they wanted to run a fresh install or skip the update.

Over the last few months we received lots of feedback about the SkystreamTV updater app. Most of it was positive, but one thing we kept on hearing was “Everytime I run the updater I have to reinstall Real Debrid, Trakt, Addons I installed on my own.”

So we hunkered down in the lab to see if we could make the updater update Kodi while leaving the users personalization in Kodi. While it seems like something that would be simple, it actually turned out to be quite a project. We won’t bore you with the boring coding that needed to be done or how the file structure of Kodi and the addon folders made it difficult. Long story short, we got it done and have released it an an automatic update when you open the updater.

If you do not have the SkystreamTV Updater or if it does not auto update when you open it, we have provided instructions at the bottom of this article.

Here is a screen shot of the change log that we recently added to the updater.

Skystream Kodi change log

This is the screen that you will see after you have selected either the Family Friendly or Adult Version.

SkystreamTV Kodi Updater


Fresh Install – Clicking on Fresh Install WILL completely wipe any personalization you have added to Kodi. This includes Real Debrid accounts, Trakt accounts, favorites within Kodi, favorites within addons, additional addons that you have installed, and background images you have added. ONLY click on Fresh Install if you wish to completely wipe Kodi and end up with a clean installation. All personalization will need to be reinstalled by the end user.

Save User Settings – Save User Settings – Clicking on Save User Settings will update everything in Kodi the same way Fresh Install does, but will save most personalization that the end user has installed. Save User Settings will keep Real Debrid accounts, Trakt accounts, favorites within Kodi, favorites within addons, additional addons that you have installed, and background images you have added. This is the best option for users who have added personalization to their Kodi.

We are very excited that our users will no longer have to reinstall most personalization within Kodi after running the SkystreamTV Updater. We are always looking at ways to improve our customers experience and we feel that this is going to make Kodi much easier and effortless for many users.

SkystreamTV Updater instructions

1. Open your Web Browser App. That is the one with the Icon of a Globe of the Earth or a WWW Icon. On the address bar at the top, erase the address that is there and type in

2. Press the select button on your remote or click on the Go button on the on screen keyboard. If you typed the address correctly you will see a small pop up that says “Starting Download.” If you get a Pop-Up Window, just click Browser Always.

3. Press the Home button on your remote to get to the home screen of the unit.

4. Click on “My Apps” or “All Apps”

5. Click on App installer

6. Click on Local Disk

7. Let it search for the program

8. Click on SkystreamTV Update
(If you have downloaded previous versions of the Updater please make sure you are clicking on the newest one. It will say “/storage/emulated/0/download/file.apk” under SkystreamTV Update) This is the only version that you should install. If you have downloaded any other versions of the SkystreamTV Updater please ignore them.

SkystreamTV Kodi Updater Version

9. A pop up will appear. Click on install and let it install

10. Once it is done installing click on Open

11. Once the program opens click on Continue

12. Click on the build you want to install and let it install

13. Once it is done installing the build it will automatically open Kodi. IMPORTANT – Let Kodi sit for 10 minutes and allow all of the addons to update!!!!

14. Congratulations, you have just installed the new SkystreamTV Updater.

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