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Why YOU need to run the updater when we release new updates!

Aug 4, 2017 2 weeks ago No Comments

After doing some scientific analysis (Not really) of our customer service calls and emails, we noticed that roughly 75% of our phone calls and emails would have not been necessary if the customer had run the updater.

What does the updater actually do?

In streaming, things moves fast. Addons pop up and go down all the time. If you are thinking to yourself, Yeah but why isn’t Exodus working, then keep reading.

One of the more known features of the updater app is that it adds new addons and repositories. While adding new addons and repos is obviously very important, it is not the most important feature of the updater.

One of the most important features of the updater is that it removes old addons and repos. Yup, we just said that. Removing old addons and repos is quite possibly the most important feature of the updater. Why is that you ask? Dead addons and repos can do a number of things that can cause issues in the media center app. Addons and repositories call out to different websites and various other places looking for instructions or updates. Once there developer is no longer updating everything, they are calling out to blank websites or old instructions. Long story short it can cause conflicts within the media center program. It can also make the program take longer to close.

Why is it so important to run the updater when we push out updates?

Imagine you turn on a computer that you haven’t used in a year (1 or 2 months in streaming time.) Now you try to use some of the programs that haven’t been updated in a year. Then you open some programs that just simply do not work because the developer no longer works on them. Your experience is going to be subpar.

Now imagine if your computer maker had a little running message at the bottom of your screen that said “Update on 7/19, close this program, open another one and with 2 clicks everything will be updated for you.” That is in essence what the updater app does. You could spend your valuable time calling your computer maker, you could email the developer and ask them why the program isn’t working, or you could click the update button and get everything updated in minutes.

Think about it this way. Imagine a very experienced programmer created a fully up to date version with all of the latest programs, fixes, custom settings, came to your house and installed it for you in under 5 minutes. That is what the updater does.

Why are people not updating when we post new updates?

We have no idea and we may never know. But we are going to add some new features to the updater in the future to help people know that they have to run the updater for the best experience. We understand that not everyone is going to follow all of our posts or read the email newsletter that we send out. So we think having a few on screen prompts telling users that there is an update and that they need to do it will help immensely.

Maybe I don’t want to do an update!

You are free to skip any updates that you want. We will never force anything on our customers. But we feel that making a simple notification pop up telling our customers that there is a new update and informing them that we highly suggest doing it will help everyone. It will help our customers have all of the newest and most importantly working addons on their home screen. It will remove any non-working addons that they may venture into. It will eliminate tons of phone calls asking what happened to addons that died 3 months ago and longer (Yes we do still get calls daily about Genesis.)

All in all we know that you having all of the newest updates and addons will improve your streaming experience. Here are some links to get your familiar with the Skystream TV Updater if you have never used it before or need a quick refresher.

How to install the NEW Skystream TV Updater

SkystreamX Kodi Updater – When to use it!

SkystreamTV Updater New Features


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The Importance Of Running the SkyStream Updater

Jun 27, 2017 2 months ago No Comments

The SkyStreamTV Updater is an amazingly capable app. We developed it to make streaming much easier. It can fix issues, remove add-ons, and even add newer ones for you.

There’s one problem that we’re seeing with the updater.

Many people AREN’T running it!

That’s a problem for many reasons. Lots of people have outdated versions of Kodi, which causes big problems when you’re streaming.

Some add-ons won’t work correctly, if at all. While some add-ons will give unnecessary error messages that are very confusing.

This is exactly why it’s so important to run the updater app. It’s why we created it in the first place.

Now, we’re not saying you should run the updater every day, but always keep an eye on the date that’s shown on the bottom of the screen in Kodi or FTMC. It will tell you the last time the updater app was updated. This will let you know if you need to run the updater. It’s shown in the below picture.

It will save you time and frustration when you stay on top of the latest updates.

It can also save you a phone call to our support team. Many common issues you’ll run into when streaming can be solved by making sure you have the latest version of the media center, and by running the updater app.

If you’re wondering how you can tell if you’re up to date, go into the SkyStream Updater App and click Continue at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see “Up To Date” next to the version you’ve installed.

If you don’t see that, you’ll see that an update is available. In this case run the version of the updater you want to install.

Another Tip: Whenever you go into the SkyStream Updater and see the screen below saying there’s an update available, ALWAYS click Install Update. This will ensure you have the latest version of the SkyStream Updater.

Some customers say that they’re scared to run the updater because they’ll lose their favorite settings. This is not a big deal and it’s why we have the “save user settings” option on the SkyStreamTV Updater app. You can choose this option to save settings like favorites you’ve added or information for Trakt and Real Debrid accounts.

ONE MORE TIP: When running a mandatory update, ALWAYS click Fresh Install. It’s the best way to make sure the update is performed correctly.

If you need any instructions for running the updater, CLICK HERE.

To learn how to install the latest media center so the updater runs correctly, CLICK HERE.

Don’t be afraid to run the Updater, it’s very important to make sure you get the most out of your SkyStream streaming media player.

Again, keep an eye on the feed at the bottom of the screen in Kodi, and make sure to follow us on Facebook for more information on updates.

Stream On!

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Skystream ONE Android TV Box Tips and Tricks

Jun 22, 2017 2 months ago No Comments

Below you will find links to many of the articles we have written that you may find helpful. We also have listed many common questions with answers below the links.

Moving your Router for Maximum Streaming Speed

How to set up a Trakt account in Kodi & the Exodus Addon

Power Controls on the Skystream ONE Android TV Box

Kodi Tips and Tricks

Why do Kodi addons go down?

How to Navigate Kodi – VIDEO

What is HDMI CEC

Kodi Error Messages – What They Mean

What is Real Debrid?

How to Uninstall an Add-on in Kodi

How to add or change shortcuts in Kodi

Top things not to do in Kodi on an Android TV Box

All Kodi streams are not created equal

How to Fix Kodi Buffering

Setting your date and Time (IMPORTANT)

If you are having internet connection issues, Errors while using the browser, Getting limited results in addon searches or any other type of issue. One of the first things you should check is if your date and time is correct. This is very important for how your boxe handles anything that uses the internet.

From the units home screen click on settings, press down once and then click on Date & Time. If automatic date & time is off, click on it and then click on the On button to turn it on. If this corrects your date and time then you are done and can press home and begin streaming. If it did not fix your date and time you will need to manually set them.

How do I get out of Safe Mode

If you or someone in your house manages to somehow put the unit into safe mode simply unplug the power from the unit. Wait 5 seconds and then plug it back in.

How to put the box to sleep or Power Off


Sleep – Press the cursor button to make sure the cursor is off. Tap the red power button once. The unit will go into sleep mode.

Power Off – Press and hold the red power button. A pop up will appear asking if you want to Power Off. Press the OK button. The unit will power down completely.

Stock Remote

Sleep – Tap the power button once. The unit will go into sleep mode.

Power Off – – Press and hold the power button. A pop up will appear asking if you want to Power Off. Press the OK button. The unit will power down completely.

Kodi / FTMC / Media Center Tips

How to stop a link that is working for a long time

The X button can be used to stop a link if it is stuck “working.” Please note that while this normally works, there are times when it will not work and you will have to wait until the link connects or fails to connect.

How to get the status bar to disappear faster

Airmouse – To get rid of the status bar that appears when you first start a stream, simply press the cursor lock button and then the back button. This will make the status bar go away.

Stock Remote – Simply press the back button once.

I get a black screen when I open Kodi / FTMC / Media Center

This can happen if you do not close Kodi properly by clicking on the power icon at the bottom left of the screen and letting the program close on its own. To fix the black screen, press the home button on your remote, click on settings, click on apps, scroll over to Kodi / FTMC / Media Center and click on it. DO NOT CLICK ON CLEAR DATA!!! Doing this will delete all of your addons, favorites, accounts and anything else you have set up in the program. Click on clear cache. Then click on force stop. Now press the home button your remote and open up the program again. It will do a first run and then will open to the home screen.

My Kodi / FTMC / Media Center screen is small and on the left of my TV

You accidentally hit the \ key on your remote or keyboard. You are in what is called Windowed Mode. To get back to the full screen mode, simply press the \ back button once and you will be in full screen mode.

I have no sound in Kodi / FTMC / Media Center

  1. Make sure your volume is turned up on your TV or sound system.
  2. Press the volume up button your Skystream remote, Airmouse or Keyboard.
  3. If neither of those work, try pressing the mute button on your remote.
  4. If none of those worked press the F8 on your keyboard. This is the mute button in Kodi.

The audio is ahead or behind of the video

This can happen on certain links. Honestly the best way to remedy this is to exit that stream and choose a different one.

But you can adjust the Audio Offset and try to make the audio and video sync up better.

Airmouse or Keyboard – Press the A button. You will see an audio offset pop up at the top of the screen. Press the left or right buttons to move the audio forward or backwards. Give the stream a second to adjust before adjusting again.

Stock Remote – Press the Select button on the remote to bring up the status bar. Press the right button to move the selected button to the speaker / sound icon and click on it. A large pop up will appear. Click down to Audio Offset and click on it. Now a smaller pop will appear. Press the left or right buttons to move the audio forward or backwards. Give the stream a second to adjust before adjusting again.

How to exit Kodi / FTMC / Media Center without having to back out of an addon

Once you have stopped the stream that you were watching (Always Do This!) simply press the S button. This will bring up a small pop up. Click on Exit and let the program close on its own. This can sometimes take a few moments as the program is finishing up any back ground operations. Not closing the program properly can cause future issues.

Links that ask you to Pair

Certain link sources will ask you to pair in order to be able to view their stream. The easiest way to not have to pair to watch a link source is to simply choose another link.

However if you want to pair and watch that particular stream it is actually pretty easy. Use another device such as a phone, tablet or computer. Type in the website address that is listed on your TV screen and click enter. The website will have a button somewhere that says pair device. Click that button and your stream should begin playing on your TV. Please note that the pairing on most websites is normally only good for 4 hours.

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International Thank a Developer Week!!! (5/15-5/22) #ThankADev

May 12, 2017 3 months ago No Comments

Did you know that May 15th through the 22nd was International Thank a Developer Week? Probably not, because we just made it a thing! Why you ask? Because we can and that’s how we roll and these awesome developers need to be shown some love!

IMPORTANT!!! NEVER contact a developer of an addon or program and give them a hard time because it may be having some issues or may be down! If you do, we will find you! Not really, but please do not ever do this. If you wish to contact a developer about an issue with an addon, be polite and friendly. Explain in great detail exactly what is happening and offer to provide any additional information.

Addon and program developers are the backbone of streaming. Without them there would be no streaming. So we feel it is important to explain exactly who these people are, why they create and maintain addons and how much they get paid.

Who are Addon Developers?

Addon developers are normal people just like you and me from all over the world. They usually have a background in computer programming or computer coding. Addon developers usually have normal jobs in the technology field. Addon developers have families and things that happen in life just like everyone else. Addon developers are of high intelligence and have a charitable and giving nature.

Why do developers create and maintain Addons? How much do they get paid?

Because they make millions of dollars from all of the donations they get from fans around the world. We are totally joking and the truth could not be farther from that.

Addon developers do what they do because they are giving people who selflessly use their talents to provide enjoyment for others free of charge. Yes, These awesome developers do this for no personal gain at all. They are not paid by anyone to create and maintain these awesome addons.

The truth is that these great people spend their FREE time working on and maintaining these addons for you to enjoy. They take time out of their busy lives to provide you, a random person to them with a great program for you to use. They have no idea who you are, but still spend their time maintaining and updating something that you use.

What do Addon developers ask for in return?

RESPECT! These developers do not put pop ups in their addons begging for money. They don’t send you emails asking you to donate to them. All developers want is respect! They want to be respected as a human beings, acknowledged for the hard work that they do and want people to respect the code they create by not copying it and branding it as your own work.

And please don’t think these great humans are out begging for praise and admiration. They simply do not want to be berated by users of their FREE addon, because something isn’t working to the (Free) users satisfaction. That is what Thank a Developer Week is all about.

Why was Thank a Developer Week created?

Thank a Developer Week was created to show these developers some love and appreciation for their hard work. Everyday these developers get tweets and forum messages saying things like “Fix your addon man” “Your addon is OK, but I demand that you add what I want” “Why hasn’t (Insert Developer Name) fixed this section of their addon, What are they doing?”

These kind of messages from keyboard cowboys slowly wear on a developers giving and kind nature. Imagine spending your nights and weekends working hard to provide something to people for free and then having those people spit in your face on Twitter and forums. Think about how many of those types of messages it would take you to say, “You know what, I’m tired of these rude and ungrateful people who provide me with nothing giving me a hard time. I’m gonna shut down my addon and spend more time with my family, learning a new hobby or whatever else.” Now you can see why International Thank a Developer was created. We need to drown out the negative comments from internet trolls and replace them with messages of thanks and gratitude!

How can I help thank a developer? <—– And you will help :)

Thanking a developer is very easy. If you don’t have a twitter account, get one. It takes about 2 minutes, you have the time. Do it!

If you have a Twitter account then you are ready to thank a developer. Simply log into your Twitter account, tag one, Tag many or create multiple tweets tagging all of the developer’s Twitter handles below. Include a nice message in the tweet. Something along the lines of “Love your addons, Thanks for your hard work!” “Thank you for what you do!” “Keep up the awesome work, You Rock!”

Next add the hashtag #ThankADev and smash that Tweet button.

You may not realize it, but the 30 seconds of time you spent posting that tweet will make a developer feel appreciated. You may even make their day. Who knows, you may get a tweet back from one of them saying thank you for your support.

Spreading love and appreciation is always a good thing. Spreading love and appreciation to people who provide something great to you for free is just downright Awesomesauce!

So please take a minute or two out of your day and show these awesome and dedicated developers some major love!

Below is a list of as many of the developer’s Twitter handles as we could find. If you see a developer that is not on here, please email pete at skystreamx dot com and he will add it to the article. We know we definitely missed some of these awesome people, but please know that we appreciate you and all of your hard work.

As always, Stream On and let’s ALL #ThankADev


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What is DRM and how will it affect Kodi?

Apr 28, 2017 4 months ago No Comments
Kodi DRM

Lately Team Kodi has mentioned that they are considering inserting DRM into future version of the Kodi Media Center program. Many click bait Youtubers and bloggers (Read more about Kodi Click Baiters Here) have taken this as a chance to spread false information with crazy headlines such as “DRM will Kill Kodi, Kodi coming to an end, etc…” In this article we will tell you exactly what DRM is and what it is not.

What is DRM?

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. DRM was created by companies that sell content. Whether that content is movies, TV Shows, music or games.

DRM was created so that customers who bought content could not copy it and distribute it. Companies did not want customers to be able to go out and buy the latest Blu Ray DVD, throw it into their computer, rip it and then start sharing it with other people. DRM has been used on CD’s, DVD, Blu Ray’s, Video games and other digital media. Long story short, it is a system to make it so you can’t copy content and distribute it.

What will happen to Kodi if there is DRM installed?

If you believe Click Baiters, Third party addons will not work anymore, Kodi is getting shut down, and so on. In reality Kodi will still function exactly the same. That’s right, Kodi will function exactly the same. This comes out of the mouth of Team Kodi. Of course posting a video saying Kodi will be the same will not get many people to click on it. So the click baiters made videos saying that the end of Kodi was near and scared a bunch of people.

Why is Kodi considering adding DRM into Kodi?

Team Kodi if you are not aware, has nothing to do with the third party addons that many people use each day. They do not provide any content. They simply provide the media center foundation program.

Kodi has recently expressed an interest in getting some official content distributors like Netflix, Hulu, Sling and Amazon into the Kodi platform. Essentially Kodi would like it if they could get those companies on board and have them create official addons for Kodi. This would mean that you could open Kodi, click on the Netflix or Sling addon, enter you login information and start watching content. This would help users be able to view all of their content within Kodi instead of relying on multiple apps.

But Kodi by reputation (Not by the actual Kodi program) is known around the world and in corporate boardrooms as a program used to help people watch things for free. So Kodi has had a hard time convincing these content distributors to make official addons for Kodi. These content distributors are wary about putting all of their content into a program where they feel people could figure out how to steal it and distribute it on the internet. This is where DRM comes into play.

By adding DRM code into future versions of Kodi, It will make stealing or downloading content (From addons SPECIFICALLY designed with DRM) much harder. This makes the content distributors feel more at ease and more likely to be open to creating an official Netflix addon or Sling addon. We feel this can be a good thing in that it will give Kodi users more options to view content from the subscription services they subscribe to all in one place.

Will Kodi actually put DRM into future versions of Kodi?

That is a question that we do not have the answer to. That is completely up to Team Kodi. Do we really care about DRM? Not really. As it is now, we could simply close Kodi and then open the Netflix app. But it would be slightly more convenient and give more legitimacy to the Kodi program. Will we ever see an official Netflix, Sling, Hulu or Amazon Instant Video addon within Kodi? We doubt that these companies would take the time to create these addons. It would be a of very minimal benefit to them. But hey, who knows, Only time will tell.

But don’t let these Click Baiters scare you into thinking that DRM is going to make all of your addons stop working and that the sky is falling. It is a very minor thing that has been blown out of proportion by people trying to make money by scaring people into clicking on bogus information.

As always, Stream On!

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