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A Huge Thanks to All of Our Awesome Customers!

Sep 16, 2016 9 months ago No Comments

We wanted to write this article to show our deep appreciation to all of the awesome customers who have given us the privilege to help you Stream On! Since SkyStream Technologies was founded in late 2012 we have always been astounded at how loyal our customers are. It is always a pleasure to open up our email each morning and see so many complimentary messages. Emails that say “You guys are awesome, Thank you so much for the help!” or “This box is sweet, Keep up the good work!”, really make our day! Our awesome customers have written a combined 2,000 reviews on Amazon and helped keep all of our products above 4 stars! Our great customers have turned thousands of friends and family members onto SkyStream! You’ve shared our posts thousands of times and helped grow the SkyStream Family! When we started this company in late 2012 we had no idea how fast and large the company would grow. When we first started we bought 10 boxes on our credit card with no idea of how we were going to pay it off. Luckily, with help from friends and family we were able to sell those 10 boxes and order 20 more. Word quickly spread and we were now ordering 100 boxes at a time. The entire company was run out of a house. Orders were packaged and dropped off at the post office each day. Phone calls were taken on our cell phones and we answered emails on our home computers. Long story short, we were a very small company. But we decided a very long time ago that customer service was the number one priority! We’ve always believed that if you treat people well, they will treat you well in return. That belief has been proven correct every single day by each and every one of our wonderful customers! Sometimes we are just overwhelmed at how much of a family SkyStream has become. What started out as a side business has turned into a community of great people that grows each and every day. We just wanted to write this post to express how thankful we are! We are blessed with the worlds best customers! So thank you for being so awesome! Thank you for sharing our company with your friends and family! Thank you for writing such great reviews on our website and on Amazon! Thank you for helping others on our Forum and the My SkyStream Facebook page! Thank you for the kind messages you send us in our email! Thank you for sharing our Facebook posts with your friends! Thank you for everything you’ve done to help grow the SkyStream family! Without you we would not be here! We are forever indebted to you and eternally grateful! So from everyone here at Team SkyStream, THANK YOU FORM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! As always, Stream On!  

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Power Controls on the Skystream ONE Android TV Box

Sep 1, 2016 9 months ago No Comments

For the Skystream ONE Android TV Box we added in some convenient power settings. We have incorporated a Sleep Mode and a Power Off function.   Sleep Mode To put your Skystream ONE into Sleep Mode, simply give the Power Button on the stock remote a quick press. This will put the Skystream ONE into Sleep Mode. To exit out of sleep mode and use your ONE, simply give the power button a quick press, the unit will wake up and you can use it immediately. Please Note – Putting the ONE into sleep mode will keep the small blue LED light on. If you wish to have the Blue LED light off, simply turn the unit completely off.   Power Off To completely Power Off your Skystream ONE, Press and hold the Power Button. You will see a pop up appear in the center of your screen. (Pictured Below) Simply click the power button once and the unit will Power Off. This will completely shut off your Skystream ONE. To turn your unit back on, simply press the power button and let the unit boot to the home screen. Using the Power Off function will turn the bright blue LED into a dim red LED.

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