Skystream Kodi Home Screen

How to Delete & Reinstall Kodi – Clean Install
***This will ONLY Work on genuine SkyStream Android TV Boxes. Do not follow this process if you do not have a SkyStream Android TV Box. You will be left with no Kodi and have to install completely again on your own. Trust us!***

  1. From the unit’s home screen click on the setting tab in the bottom right hand corner of the home screen.

Android TV Box Settings

2. Click on Apps.

Android TV Box Apps

3. Scroll to the right until you see the Kodi Icon. Click on the Kodi Icon.

Android TV Box Kodi

4. Click on Uninstall.

5. Click on OK.

6. Click on Uninstall.

How to Delete & Reinstall Kodi – Clean Install

8. Press the Home button on your remote to go back to the units home screen.

Android TV Box Home Screen

If you already have the SkyStreamTV Updater App installed please open the program and go to step 14.

7. Click on the Browser Icon and type this URL in the top section of the browser exactly (As Pictured). Then press the OK button on your Remote or the blue forward arrow on the right section of the on screen keyboard. The file will automatically start to download once you press enter.

Android TV Box Homescreen

Android TV Box Browser

8. Press the home button on your remote and then click on My Apps.

Android My Apps

9. Click on AppInstaller.

Android App installer

10. Click on Local Disk.

11. Click on the SkyStreamTV Updater APK File.

Android APK

12. Click on Install.

Skystream TV Updater App

13. Once it is done installing, click on Open. Then click on Continue.

14. If you already have the SkystreamTV Updater app on your unit. Press the home button on your remote and click on the SkystreamTV Updater app to open it up. Then click on Continue.

SkystreamTV Updater Home Screen

15. Click on Install Media Player.

Install Kodi Media Center

16. Let Kodi Download completely. Click on Install when prompted.

Android TV Box Install Kodi

Install kodi

17. Once Kodi finishes Downloading and Installing you will be brought to the below screen. Click on the Version of Kodi you would like to install. You can choose from the “Adult Version” or the “Family Friendly Version”

Skystream TV updater App

18. Allow the Updater App to download and install the version of Kodi that you selected. Please note that the time that this take can vary greatly depending on your internet speed. It is a large file so please be patient and let it finish completely.

SkystreamTV Updater Progress


19. Once the installation is complete, Kodi will automatically open and perform its first run.

Kodi First Run

20. Once the first run is complete it will open to the Kodi Home Screen.

Skystream Kodi Home Screen

21. “IMPORTANT” Let Kodi sit for 5-10 minutes without clicking on anything so Kodi can do any updates that it needs to do.

Congratulations! You’ve installed the latest version of Kodi and all of the latest up to date addons.