kodi 16.1

In this article we are going to show you how to use the SkystreamTV Updater app to update your Skystream Android TV Box from Kodi 16.1 Jarvis to the newly fixed Kodi 16.1


From your units home screen, click on the SkystreamTV Updater App.



The Updater will tell you that there is an update available. Click on Install Update. Please remember that there may be a delay in the app telling you that there is an update. A huge amount of people will be doing this update and the server may be slammed when you are doing this.



Once it has updated it will tell you that there is a new version of Kodi available. Click on Update Media Player.


Allow Kodi to Download. Once it is done downloading click on Install. Allow Kodi to install.

Kodi 17 Download

Android Streaming Media Player


Once Kodi is done installing you will be brought back to the screen. Click on Continue.

Skystream ONE Android TV Box


Choose the Family Friendly or Adult version and click on Install.


Click on Fresh Install. DO NOT click on Save User Settings.


Allow the version that you chose to download and install. The amount of time this takes can vary depending on how many people are doing this and how fast your internet connection is.



Once the version you chose has been installed the Updater app will open Kodi automatically.


Let Kodi sit for a few minutes to allow any addons or repositories to update.


Congratulations! You have successfully installed the updated Kodi 16.1 on your Skystream Android TV Box. Now sit back and Stream ON!