navi x kodi addon

One of our favorite Android KODI Add ons here at SkyStream is Navi-X. Navi-X is one of the most popular Android KODI add ons to date. But what exactly is Navi X?

The Navi-X KODI Add On is basically a giant gathering place for video media of all types. Navi-X for KODI has Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Live Sports and Adult content. There is really nothing that NaviX doesn’t have. You can find almost anything in the world to watch via the KODI version of Navi-X.

So how does one use Navi-X for KODI ? NaviX is not as easy and straight forward as some of the other KODI Addons like 1Channel or Icefilms. While Navi-X does have a search feature, it is not as straight forward for finding media as other Android KODI Addons.

There are quite a few ways that you can find streaming media using the Navi-X KODI Add On. The first way is to search for what you want into the search screen and see what pops up. Where Navi-X differs from other KODI  add ons is that the content comes from so many different sources. You might type in a movie name into the search screen. And ten different options pop up. Some of these options will be direct links to the movie that you want to watch, While others will open up a folder with lots of movie titles and you will need to scroll down to find the movie you want to watch.

The next way you can find streaming video media with Navi X is to click on one of the popular tabs. The Navi-X KODI Add On breaks down these popular folders into a few categories. The first is the “Most Viewed Last 24 Hours”. This Tab will bring up a list of all of the folders and media items that have been viewed the most in the last 24 hours.

The next search option you have is the “Most Recently Updated” tab. This tab will bring up a list of items that were updated recently. We have found this tab to be very useful for finding live TV streams. As there are many outdated links to live TV streams, this most recently updated tab is very useful for finding live tv streams that are current and working properly.

So now that you have a better idea of how to search for what you want to watch on the Navi-X KODI Add on let’s move onto what you are able to watch on Navi X.

Streaming Movies

Navi-X KODI Add On has one of the largest collections of movies on the KODI Android platform. It might even rival Icefilms database of movies. Navi-X gets it content from so many sources that the amount of content on Navi-X is hard to grasp. Individual users will post folders with thousands of movies or just one HD movie. Here at SkystreamX we have not searched for a movie that we were unable to find using the NaviX KODI Android Add on.

Streaming TV Shows

The Navi-X Android KODI Add On is one of the best ways to find and stream your favorite TV Shows. As its content is gathered from so many sources we can safely say that there is not a show that is on Navi-X.

Streaming Live TV

The Navi-X KODI Add On is one of the best Android KODI add ons to find live tv streams. The reason for this again is that the content on Navi-X comes from so many sources. One could simply type in the name of a network they would like to stream and a place to stream it from will pop up. When searching for live TV Streams using Navi-X KODI we recommend using the “Most Recently Updated” tab, as these will be the most up to date and current live TV streams.

Streaming Live Sports

The KODI Android Navi-X addon is fantastic for watching all of your favorite live sporting events. Once again the reason for this is the vast amount of resources that Navi-X gets its content from. Navi-X has live sports streams from all around the world.

There are two ways to find live sports streams using Navi-X. The first is to click on the “Most Viewed Last 24 Hours” tab. Most liely if you are trying to watch a live sports event, there are a bunch of of people trying to watch it to. Some most likely your sporting event will pop up.

The next way that you can find live sports event streams is by searching for the event via the search  tab in Navi-X. We recommend typing in one main keyword or team name into the search tab. If you are too specific or enter too many keywords Navi-X might have a hard time finding the live sports event your looking for.

All in all the Navi-X KODI Add On is one of the largest collections of streaming media on the KODI platform. While it may not be as easy to find specific streams as 1Channel or Icefilms it definitely has more content. We love the vast amount of content that Navi-X can find and stream directly to your TV. So if you just bought a SkyStream Android TV Box we recommend using 1Channel and Icefilms first to find most of your content. But once you get comfortable with the SkyStream Android TV Box and the KODI Android platform we recommend exploring Navi-X.

In conclusion, The Navi-X KODI Add On does take a little bit of learning to become a master of finding streaming media, but once you get used to the interface we feel it is a great KODI Add On to find all of your favorite streaming TV Shows, Streaming Movies, Streaming Live TV and Streaming Live Sports.