After doing some scientific analysis (Not really) of our customer service calls and emails, we noticed that roughly 75% of our phone calls and emails would have not been necessary if the customer had run the updater.

What does the updater actually do?

In streaming, things moves fast. Addons pop up and go down all the time. If you are thinking to yourself, Yeah but why isn’t Exodus working, then keep reading.

One of the more known features of the updater app is that it adds new addons and repositories. While adding new addons and repos is obviously very important, it is not the most important feature of the updater.

One of the most important features of the updater is that it removes old addons and repos. Yup, we just said that. Removing old addons and repos is quite possibly the most important feature of the updater. Why is that you ask? Dead addons and repos can do a number of things that can cause issues in the media center app. Addons and repositories call out to different websites and various other places looking for instructions or updates. Once there developer is no longer updating everything, they are calling out to blank websites or old instructions. Long story short it can cause conflicts within the media center program. It can also make the program take longer to close.

Why is it so important to run the updater when we push out updates?

Imagine you turn on a computer that you haven’t used in a year (1 or 2 months in streaming time.) Now you try to use some of the programs that haven’t been updated in a year. Then you open some programs that just simply do not work because the developer no longer works on them. Your experience is going to be subpar.

Now imagine if your computer maker had a little running message at the bottom of your screen that said “Update on 7/19, close this program, open another one and with 2 clicks everything will be updated for you.” That is in essence what the updater app does. You could spend your valuable time calling your computer maker, you could email the developer and ask them why the program isn’t working, or you could click the update button and get everything updated in minutes.

Think about it this way. Imagine a very experienced programmer created a fully up to date version with all of the latest programs, fixes, custom settings, came to your house and installed it for you in under 5 minutes. That is what the updater does.

Why are people not updating when we post new updates?

We have no idea and we may never know. But we are going to add some new features to the updater in the future to help people know that they have to run the updater for the best experience. We understand that not everyone is going to follow all of our posts or read the email newsletter that we send out. So we think having a few on screen prompts telling users that there is an update and that they need to do it will help immensely.

Maybe I don’t want to do an update!

You are free to skip any updates that you want. We will never force anything on our customers. But we feel that making a simple notification pop up telling our customers that there is a new update and informing them that we highly suggest doing it will help everyone. It will help our customers have all of the newest and most importantly working addons on their home screen. It will remove any non-working addons that they may venture into. It will eliminate tons of phone calls asking what happened to addons that died 3 months ago and longer (Yes we do still get calls daily about Genesis.)

All in all we know that you having all of the newest updates and addons will improve your streaming experience. Here are some links to get your familiar with the Skystream TV Updater if you have never used it before or need a quick refresher.

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