Kodi Updater

Everything you need to know about the SkystreamX Kodi Updater

When we started out designing the Kodi updater (Latest Version Installation Instructions HERE, The Old Version No Longer Works!) we were looking for something that all of our customers could use to stay up to date with the latest versions of Kodi and all of the latest Kodi Addons.

So far the feedback has been very positive and we are very proud of how well the program works. With the latest version of our updater all of our customers can seamlessly upgrade to Kodi 16.1. The newest version of Kodi, Newer versions of Kodi will be added once they are released and are tested for compatibility and stability. Users can also choose a build (Adult or Family Friendly) and have Kodi completely loaded in a matter of minutes.

If you just want to know when to run the updater and when to not run the updater, scroll down a bit.

How the Kodi Updater works

There are lots of moving parts to the Kodi Updater and how it works is actually pretty complicated. But for this article we will keep it pretty basic.

Kodi Version Update

The Kodi updater can see if you have Kodi installed on your Skystream Android TV Box. If it detects that any version (All older versions included) of Kodi is installed it will just give you the option to install the build of your choice.

However if the program does not see any version of Kodi installed on your unit, it will give you the option to “Install Media Center.” When you click on install media center it will begin to download the SkystreamX version of Kodi in the back ground. Once it is downloaded the user will need to go to My Apps or All Apps from the boxes home screen. Then open up the “App Installer” application, click on Local and then click on Kodi and Install.

Once Kodi is installed you can now open up the Kodi updater app and choose the build that you want to load into Kodi.

Kodi Updater Builds

As some of you know, we use the RSS feed at the bottom of Kodi’s home screen to notify our customers when a new build is updated. When you see that date change in the RSS feed, you are able to open the Kodi updater and click on the updated build that you want to install.

The updater will detect if you have the latest build installed in Kodi. If you already have the latest build already installed, the updater app will automatically open Kodi as there is no updated build to install.


Kodi Addons Automatically Update

Before we start listing the scenarios when not to use the updater, we need to do a brief explanation of How Kodi Addons and Kodi Play together.

All of our Android TV Boxes come with Kodi that has the addon developers repositories installed (Many Box Sellers do not!). These repositories are what the developers use to push updates to their addons in Kodi. So once you have our unit with the original Kodi build or any updated builds that you have installed, your addons will automatically update on their own. So just because we create a new build does not mean that your Kodi addons are outdated. Most of the time we release updated builds so that users who are running the updater will have the latest versions of the addons without the addons having to update.

When Not to Run the SkystreamX Kodi Updater

  • If your Kodi is working just fine. If your Kodi is running perfectly there is no reason to run the updater. It is mainly designed for people who delete Kodi, Tinker with settings and mess things up, or people who have not used their unit in a long time.

When to run the SkystreamX Kodi Updater

  • If you are running an older version of Kodi like Kodi 14.2 or Kodi 15.2 and want to update to the latest stable version.
  • If you have started tinkering with settings and have messed up Kodi and do not know how to fix it. The Updater will change the setting in Kodi to the settings that we have preset to make Kodi run properly.
  • If we add an addon to our build that you need to have and are not worried about losing your saved Favorites or any additional addons that you have installed yourself.

Moving Forward

Moving forward we are going to use the RSS feed to notify users of an updated build and to explain what was updated. This way users can make a more educated decision if they should run the new build. As always we are always looking for ways to improve and make our system even better.

Also, please remember that there tons of people who do not have Skystream or any kind of updater for Kodi. They have to manually add and maintain addons which can take hours if you are not very proficient. Also, remember that if other users mess up their Kodi or Kodi crashes on them they have to uninstall Kodi and start from scratch. Having this updater is just another great perk for being part of team Skystream!