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How to add Weather to the new Media Center

Sep 29, 2017 9 months ago No Comments
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Some users may like the idea of having their local weather displayed on the Media Center’s home screen. So we put this article together to give you the step by step instructions. IMPORTANT – DO NOT TINKER AROUND WITH ANY OF THE OTHER SETTINGS ON ANY OF THE SCREENS SHOWN IN THIS TUTORIAL!!! THIS WILL MESS UP YOUR MEDIA CENTER AND YOU WILL HAVE TO DO A FRESH INSTALL TO GET IT BACK!!! WE CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!!  THESE INSTRUCTIONS WERE CREATED FOR THE NEW MEDIA CENTER. THEY WILL NOT WORK WITH ANY OLD VERSIONS OF KODI OR FTMC. IF YOU HAVE NOT UPDATED TO THE NEW MEDIA CENTER (CLICK HERE) THE WEATHER ADDON IS FROM A THIRD PARTY DEVELOPER WHO WE HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THIS ADDON OR IF IT WILL CONTINUE TO WORK. WE ARE JUST PROVIDING THIS AS AN OPTION. Now that we have the scary warnings out of the way, let’s get started In the Media Center scroll over to System, press the down button and then the right button to get to Skin Settings. Click on it.   You will be brought to this screen. Press the right directional button once. The down arrow next to Global skin options will turn black. Click on it once.   You will now see this screen. Click the down button on your remote until Home top left info area is highlighted.   Click Home top left info area twice. It will now say Weather.   Click the Back button on your remote once. System will be highlighted. Press the down button once and the left button to highlight Settings. Click on Settings.   Scroll down to Weather and click on it.   Press the right button on your remote to highlight Service for weather information. Click on it.   Press the right button on your remote to highlight Get more… and click on it.   Scroll all the way down to Yahoo! Weather and click on it. It will install automatically.   Click down to Settings and click on it.   Click down to Location 1 and click on it. (Only Location 1 works. If you enter a location into any other section it will not work. Multiple locations do not work either.)   A pop up screen will appear. Use your remote to type in the city that you live in. Highlight the Done button and click on it.   You may or may not see multiple listings depending on your city’s name. Highlight the correct location and click on it.   Click down to the OK button and click on it.   Press the back button on your remote until you reach the Media Center home screen. You will now see the weather in the top left corner of the screen. It may take up to a minute to display the correct weather based on your internet speed and the servers speed on the other end. The weather information will overlap…

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Power Controls on the Skystream ONE Android TV Box

Sep 1, 2016 9 months ago No Comments

For the Skystream ONE Android TV Box we added in some convenient power settings. We have incorporated a Sleep Mode and a Power Off function.   Sleep Mode To put your Skystream ONE into Sleep Mode, simply give the Power Button on the stock remote a quick press. This will put the Skystream ONE into Sleep Mode. To exit out of sleep mode and use your ONE, simply give the power button a quick press, the unit will wake up and you can use it immediately. Please Note – Putting the ONE into sleep mode will keep the small blue LED light on. If you wish to have the Blue LED light off, simply turn the unit completely off.   Power Off To completely Power Off your Skystream ONE, Press and hold the Power Button. You will see a pop up appear in the center of your screen. (Pictured Below) Simply click the power button once and the unit will Power Off. This will completely shut off your Skystream ONE. To turn your unit back on, simply press the power button and let the unit boot to the home screen. Using the Power Off function will turn the bright blue LED into a dim red LED.

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