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What is DRM and how will it affect Kodi?

Apr 28, 2017 4 months ago No Comments
Kodi DRM

Lately Team Kodi has mentioned that they are considering inserting DRM into future version of the Kodi Media Center program. Many click bait Youtubers and bloggers (Read more about Kodi Click Baiters Here) have taken this as a chance to spread false information with crazy headlines such as “DRM will Kill Kodi, Kodi coming to an end, etc…” In this article we will tell you exactly what DRM is and what it is not. What is DRM? DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. DRM was created by companies that sell content. Whether that content is movies, TV Shows, music or games. DRM was created so that customers who bought content could not copy it and distribute it. Companies did not want customers to be able to go out and buy the latest Blu Ray DVD, throw it into their computer, rip it and then start sharing it with other people. DRM has been used on CD’s, DVD, Blu Ray’s, Video games and other digital media. Long story short, it is a system to make it so you can’t copy content and distribute it. What will happen to Kodi if there is DRM installed? If you believe Click Baiters, Third party addons will not work anymore, Kodi is getting shut down, and so on. In reality Kodi will still function exactly the same. That’s right, Kodi will function exactly the same. This comes out of the mouth of Team Kodi. Of course posting a video saying Kodi will be the same will not get many people to click on it. So the click baiters made videos saying that the end of Kodi was near and scared a bunch of people. Why is Kodi considering adding DRM into Kodi? Team Kodi if you are not aware, has nothing to do with the third party addons that many people use each day. They do not provide any content. They simply provide the media center foundation program. Kodi has recently expressed an interest in getting some official content distributors like Netflix, Hulu, Sling and Amazon into the Kodi platform. Essentially Kodi would like it if they could get those companies on board and have them create official addons for Kodi. This would mean that you could open Kodi, click on the Netflix or Sling addon, enter you login information and start watching content. This would help users be able to view all of their content within Kodi instead of relying on multiple apps. But Kodi by reputation (Not by the actual Kodi program) is known around the world and in corporate boardrooms as a program used to help people watch things for free. So Kodi has had a hard time convincing these content distributors to make official addons for Kodi. These content distributors are wary about putting all of their content into a program where they feel people could figure out how to steal it and distribute it on the internet. This is where DRM comes into play. By adding DRM code into future…

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How to install the updated Kodi 16.1 (Exodus and HTTPS Fixed)

Apr 6, 2017 4 months ago No Comments
kodi 16.1

In this article we are going to show you how to use the SkystreamTV Updater app to update your Skystream Android TV Box from Kodi 16.1 Jarvis to the newly fixed Kodi 16.1 MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY!!! From your units home screen, click on the SkystreamTV Updater App.   The Updater will tell you that there is an update available. Click on Install Update. Please remember that there may be a delay in the app telling you that there is an update. A huge amount of people will be doing this update and the server may be slammed when you are doing this.   Once it has updated it will tell you that there is a new version of Kodi available. Click on Update Media Player.   Allow Kodi to Download. Once it is done downloading click on Install. Allow Kodi to install.   Once Kodi is done installing you will be brought back to the screen. Click on Continue.   Choose the Family Friendly or Adult version and click on Install.   Click on Fresh Install. DO NOT click on Save User Settings.   Allow the version that you chose to download and install. The amount of time this takes can vary depending on how many people are doing this and how fast your internet connection is.   Once the version you chose has been installed the Updater app will open Kodi automatically.   Let Kodi sit for a few minutes to allow any addons or repositories to update.   Congratulations! You have successfully installed the updated Kodi 16.1 on your Skystream Android TV Box. Now sit back and Stream ON!  

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The Current State of Kodi 16.1, 17.1 and Exodus

Apr 4, 2017 4 months ago No Comments
Kodi Tips Exodus

The Current State of Kodi 16.1, 17.1 and Exodus As some of you have noticed, the Exodus addon has been having some issues lately. The main problem people are having is that it is not returning HD links and far fewer SD links lately. We are going to tell you why this is happening and be completely truthful about the current state of Kodi. Why is Exodus returning less links? Exodus is basically a search engine like Google that searches different websites that offer links to many different types of video content. Once Exodus scrapes these websites it displays direct links to the content hosted on the various websites. The problem is that many of the sites that Exodus scrapes for content links have changed the level of security from HTTP to HTTPS. HTTPS security is the same level that most banking websites and ecommerce checkouts use. It adds an extra level of security between the two connecting devices. The developers of Exodus no control of these websites that the addon scrapes and have no control over Kodi 16 and its ability to connect to HTTPS links. Please do not give them a hard time over this or post any negative comments directed towards them. They develop this addon for free in their spare time. Picture snippet taken from The current issue is that Kodi 16.1 Jarvis does not have the capability to use HTTPS or SSL based links. Kodi 16.1 uses a slightly older version of Python (Computer Coding Language) which cannot connect to these higher level security links. Kodi 17 Krypton runs on a newer version of Python which is able to connect to HTTPS links. This is why many of you saw the below shown pop up from TVAddons last night. So why doesn’t Skystream simply upgrade everyone to Kodi 17 Krypton? The developers of Kodi which we have no affiliation to, decided that they did not want to support Android 4.4 anymore. Why they chose to do this we do not know and do not want to speculate. But the fact still remains that any devices running 4.4 or older versions on Android cannot install Kodi 17. We are not happy about this, but it is what it is. We do not develop or run Kodi and do not have any way to change this fact. This next portion of the article is going to draw lots of negative comments. We are very aware that we are going to get slammed on social media. But we are always honest with our customers, even when it means we are going to receive negative attention. So here goes nothing. We do not have the ability to upgrade any X4 and X5 to Android 5.0 or higher. The processors that we use (AMLogic) did not build a base Android 5 firmware for the S802 or S812 chips. Without a base firmware from the chip manufacturer we have nothing to work with and have no way to send out…

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3/28/17 Skystream TV Update and Status of Exodus

Mar 28, 2017 3 months ago No Comments
Kodi Addon Update

WE ARE RECOMMENDING THAT EVERYONE CHOOSES FRESH INSTALL FOR THIS UPDATE. THIS WILL ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE A CLEAN VERSION OF THIS UPDATE. IT IS NOT MANDATORY TO CHOOSE FRESH INSTALL, BUT WE RECOMMEND IT. For instructions on how to use the SkystreamTV Updater please click here – SkystreamTV Kodi Updater Instructions (If you do have the Skystream Updater start at step 1. If you have the updater start at step 14.) Status of the Exodus Kodi Addon If you have not already noticed, over the past few days the Exodus Addon has not been working very well. If you are newer to Kodi or have ONLY used Exodus this may seem like the end of the world. But we have been doing this for many years and have been through times like this before. Addons do have issues from time to time. We do know that there are people that are working on Exodus. However we have no connection with these developers and cannot give any kind of time frame as to when it will be fixed. Please remember that these developers do this in their spare time and do not get paid for this. So please be patient and never post any negative comments on their forums or personal pages. With all of that being said we made a decision to move Exodus from the shortcuts menu within Kodi and replace it with an addon called Zen. We will move it back to the shortcuts menu in a later update when it is back to being stable. (Exodus will still be installed with this update. You can find it by hovering or highlighting “Video” and then click on Add-ons below Video.) Is there an upside to Exodus not working very well? We are very glad that you asked J if we can quote Manny from Elite Mods (Our Kodi Programmer) “Never be married to one addon!” Manny’s statement comes from years of seeing addons come and go. Hence why he uses many different addons to find streams. If one addon dies or is not performing well, he simply switches to one of the 40+ addons on his Skystream ONE and uses it to find his streaming content. So what other addons are good? When we push out an update, we go through and test all of the addons. If one is not working we remove it from the updater. When new addons have proven themselves to be reliable and stable, we add them to the updater. So pretty much any addon you click on will be a good one. Here is a breakdown of our favorite addons that are in the video shortcuts menu in Kodi after this update. Primewire / 1Channel – This addon finds Movie and TV Show streams from all over the world. It is one of the oldest Kodi addons ever developed. Specto Fork – This addon is based off of the old Genesis Addon that was developed by the developer of Exodus (Lamba.) This addon…

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Specto Fork Kodi Addon – How to speed up search results

Mar 13, 2017 3 months ago No Comments
Specto Kodi Addon

Specto Fork Kodi Addon – How to speed up search results To see how to do this in the Exodus Addon click here – Exodus Kodi Addon – How to speed up search results   When you click on something in Specto, Specto starts scraping many different websites from all over the world looking to see if they have that stream available. Once it has gotten all of the results back from all of the different websites, it displays all of the stream links that it found. But sometimes a website may be down or take a very long time to deliver results. When this happens the Specto search can take longer. We will show you two different methods to deal with this and shorten the search time. Method #1 After Specto has started searching for streams, you may see a few stragglers that it is waiting on results from. At this time the majority of websites have delivered results. So all you need to do is click on cancel. This will cancel the search and display all of the results Specto has received. This is the easiest method to shorten the search time. However if you click on cancel too soon or before the majority of sites have delivered results, you may have very few stream choices to choose from. If you are going to use this method, we highly recommend waiting at least 10 seconds before pressing the cancel button. Method #2 This method is for the more advanced user and needs to be done with caution!!! Another way to speed up the search results in the Specto addon is to stop Specto from scraping certain sites. For whatever reason, certain sites either go down, block Specto from scraping them or just don’t work anymore. The developers will normally identify these sites, remove these sources and push an update to the addon. But you can do this yourself, and we will show you how. Once again, we stress to be cautious with this method!!! If you notice that one or more of the sites that Specto is scraping is always the last one, you can manually block Specto from scraping it. From Specto’s home screen, click on tools. Click on SETTINGS : Playback. Specto uses different providers for Movie and TV Shows. So if a source was hanging in Movies, you need to click on Movies and then scroll down to the site that has been hanging up the search and click on it to disable it. If it was a TV Show search, then click on TV and then scroll down to the site that has been hanging up the search and click on it to disable it. Click on OK and then use Specto as you normally would. The reason that we say to be cautious with this method is that if you block every site that hangs up the search every time you search you will soon be left without many sources to search from. The simple fact…

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