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After the Update, Where is the KODI icon?

Sep 13, 2017 9 months ago No Comments
Media Center Kodi

If you just did the most recent Media Center update and are wondering where the (Blue K) Kodi icon is, please continue reading. When you installed the latest Media Center update, you installed the new Skystream Media Center. This is a fork of Kodi and was designed specially to function on the X4, X5 and Skystream ONE. As we are no longer using any version of Kodi we wanted a new icon for the Media Center. The image below shows the original Kodi icon and the new Media Center Icon. I don’t see the Media Center icon on my home screen. How do I get it on the home screen? (You must have already done the update to have the new Media Center. CLICK HERE for instructions.) Step 1 – Click the Plus Sign at the bottom right of your units home screen Step 2 – Use the directional pad on your remote to move up or down to find the Media Center icon Step 3 – Press the OK or select button on your remote and make sure there is a check mark on the Media Center icon Step 4 – Press the Back button on your remote and the Media Center icon will be on your home screen  The Media Center icon will now be located on your home screen.

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The Ultimate MultiMedia Center – SkyStream Android TV Box

Mar 11, 2016 3 months ago No Comments
Kodi TV Box

SkyStream – The Ultimate Multi Media Center When you hear the term MultiMedia Center what comes to mind? Television, Movies, Live Sports and Music probably pop up. What about over 800,000 apps? What about games? What about internet browsing? What about pictures? What about social media? MultiMedia Centers come in many shapes and sizes. Most are extremely expensive, Run on proprietary software, are complicated to install and require a costly monthly subscription. None of them offer everything that the SkyStream Android TV Box does. Do you want to pays thousands of dollars for a MultiMedia Center? Would you like to pay a company hundreds of dollars to install it? Do you want to be charged an expensive monthly subscription fee? Do you want to be limited on content? Do you want to deal with complicated proprietary software? Our guess is no! That is why we created the SkyStream Android TV Box. It is the world’s best Ultimate MultiMedia Center. So what exactly does the SkyStream do? That is not the question. The real question is what can’t the SkyStream do? Television – The SkystreamX delivers streaming TV to your living room free of charge. No more monthly cable bills (Which go up every year!) You can watch any TV show on the planet with this Android Box. Simply search one of the many add ons that come preloaded on your SkyStream and begin watching. It’s as simple as that! Movies – Any good MultiMedia Center should have lots of movies right? How about access to any movie that has ever been made? Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not! Simply search for the movie that you would like to watch in one of the many addons that come preloaded on your SkyStream X5 Media Center. Once it pops up, click on it. Select the quality you would like to view and boom, that movie is playing on your TV. Now you’re getting the idea. Everything you want to watch on Demand! Live Sports – Are you sick of watching whatever game the Networks decide that you should watch? Is your favorite teams game being blacked out? Do you like watching international sports? Sick of paying hundreds of dollars each season for a certain sports package? We understand! With the SkyStream you simply open one of our sports add ons, search for the sport you would like to watch, Find your game, click on a stream and start watching your favorite sports team live. It’s as simple as that. Stop missing all of the action and start watching every one of your favorite sports teams games. Music – Everyone is in love with streaming music. But not everyone is a fan of listening to their music on tiny little speakers that are on their phone or tablet. Do you wish there was a simple way to play all of your streaming music through your TV or surround sounds system? Of course you do. That is where the SkyStream Android…

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