If you have installed the new Media Center (If not CLICK HERE) and have audio but no video when playing certain streams, follow the instructions below and you will be good to go. Open the Media Center, Scroll over to the System section. Click down and then left to highlight settings. Click on settings.   Scroll down to Video and click on it   Scroll down to acceleration. Press the right button on your direction pad. Press the down button to highlight “Allow hardware acceleration – amcodec” Click on it and the blue dot to the right will turn grey. You have turned off that codec. Do the same thing with¬†Allow hardware acceleration – MediaCodec (Surface) and¬†Allow hardware acceleration – MediaCodec. Once you have turned off all 3 of these Codecs your screen will look like this.   Press the back button until you reach the Media Center home screen or navigate to the home icon at the bottom right side of the screen and click on it. Now try a stream and you will get both video and audio. Congratulations you are all done and are awesome! Stream On!!!

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