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What are Network Powerline Adapters?

May 10, 2016 5 months ago No Comments
Wi-FI Signal

What are Network Powerline Adapters? Almost everyone has a Wi-Fi router in their house these days. Wi-Fi gives you the convenience of being able to connect many wireless devices to the internet by just connecting to the router and entering the password. Due to its convenience Wi-Fi is extremely common these days. Most cable company modems come with Wi-Fi capabilities, but they normally charge the customer a monthly fee for the privilege of using the Wi-Fi. Click below if you would like to know how to save money each month on your cable bill. While Wi-Fi is great and super convenient, but it does have some downfalls that we will discuss. The first downfall that Wi-Fi has is that it loses speed over distance and through obstacles. The farther you are from your Wi-Fi router, the slower speeds you will get. The more obstacles like walls, glass and furniture the Wi-Fi signal has to go through to get to the device you are using, the slower the speeds are going to be. In the GIF below you can see how a Wi-Fi signal travels through obstacles. You can see how the signal deteriorates over distance and through obstacles. Many customers that we speak to have routers that are on a second or third story, in a basement or are on one end of the house. Most cable company techs look for the easiest place to put the Wi-Fi modem, not taking into consideration where the Wi-Fi will be used in the house. When this happens customers are left with weak Wi-Fi speeds in certain areas of the house. While slow internet speeds and spotty Wi-Fi is not as noticeable or important when casually browning social media, It becomes much more noticeable when you are streaming or gaming which require constant strong internet speeds. If you are on your phone and a website takes twice as long to load it may be annoying, but the website will eventually load. When you are streaming or gaming you need a constant stream of quality bandwidth. This is why we always recommend connecting your Skystream Android TV Box directly to your modem with an Ethernet cord. This provides the fastest and most stable internet connection for your unit. But what do you do when your internet modem is in your basement, second or third floor and your TV is on the first floor? A few years ago you would have to run an Ethernet cord through your walls or attic to bring hardwired internet to another place in your house. If you have ever run wires through your walls or attic, you know that it is not fun and takes a long time. This is where Network Powerline Adapters come into play. Network Powerline Adapters come in pairs. One unit is plugged into a power plug close to your internet Modem. Then an Ethernet cable is plugged into the Network Powerline Adapter. The other end of the Ethernet cable is plugged into the back…

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How to Save Money Each Month on your Internet Bill!

Mar 14, 2016 3 months ago No Comments
How to save money each month on your internet bill

As you know, here at SkyStream we are all about saving people money. We thought we would share with you another way the Cable/Internet Company is making money from you each and every month and also how to save money each month. If you get Internet from a company, there is a very strong chance that you are also using one of the Modem/Routers that they gave to you when they had a technician come to your house and set up your service. Cable/Internet providers are not happy with just gouging you each and every month for cable alone, they also want to make money on the equipment that is used to deliver their service to you. Whether you know it or not, you are being charged each month for each cable box, DVR, and Modem/Router that is in your house. These fees are usually shown on your bill as equipment fees, DVR Rental, HD Cable Box, Modem Rental, Wi-Fi, and a lot of other names that are meant to not stand out on your bill. While you cannot get away from paying a rental fee each month for a proprietary cable box or DVR, you can purchase your own Modem/Router. I’ll admit that I was using the standard Modem/Router from my cable company for a year or so before I realized that I was getting the short end of the stick. I noticed that on my bill I had two separate fees each month for my Internet service. The first one was $5 rental fee for my Modem. The second fee was $4 for Wi-Fi. So, in essence I was paying $60 each month to use their modem, and another $48 each month for the Modem that I was already paying for to blast out Wi-Fi. I found it ridiculous that I was paying $108 each year to rent something and using one of its main features (Wi-Fi). So I began researching if I could purchase a Modem/Router that was compatible with my Internet service. I actually found that on my internet provider’s website they had a list of compatible routers that I could use for internet and Wi-Fi. I found that there were about 20 different models from which I could choose. I purchased one for $90 (I wanted the Mack Daddy), but there are many different models that can be bought for about $60. Please note – You will need to call your Internet provider once you have received your new modem so that they can provision it (Place it in their system as the modem that you have on your account and send it a signal so it will receive the internet from them.) Once you have the modem provisioned and it’s receiving Internet you may want to change the name and password for your new modem. This process is different for each modem, so please refer to your owner’s manual or quick start guide. IMPORTANT!!! – Make sure that you call your Internet provider and have…

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